Hop On Pop

As I’m thinking about what books I should be reading and writing about, I realized that even though I have not been considering them as books I’ve read for myself, I have read an awful lot of children’s books in the last 6 years since my first daughter was born. And now that it’s quite popular to host baby showers with a book theme, I thought it would be helpful from time to time to add in a children’s book recommendation. I hope to give folks some ideas of what’s out there in children’s books, particularly if you haven’t picked one up in about 20 years or so.

And if you do have a child, you know there are some mind numbing kids books out there. The ones you try to hide deep in the shelf behind others, or skip every third page to make it go more quickly. And I don’t think it would take much to convince me that there are some poor 20-something male interns locked in a room somewhere, forced to churn out stories for little girls that are solely based on their ideas of what girls would be interested in reading about: clothes, boys, worrying that your friend is mad at you, talking about your friend to another friend, etc. Again, mind numbing, soI hope to bring some kid and parent approved options that will make both parties equally interested in spending time with a good book.


Ok, I know I just said above that my children’s choices would not be obvious ones, but I wanted to start with a book that had a special significance to me. While there are some Dr Seuss books that everyone is very familiar with – Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish – my personal favorite is Hop on Pop.

Hop on Pop was given to me at my baby shower by my friend Nancy, who is one of the most loving, passionate people I have ever met. My daughter immediately took to this book when she was still very little, and it was one that she has kept coming back to again and again. It was also the first book she ever read entirely by herself, and once she could do that, she would proudly read it to her baby sister whenever she had the chance.

There are two versions of the book out there: a shorter board book version, and the original. We have both, and my daughter loved that there was more to the bigger book when she “graduated” to that version. It’s a classic, and as we’ve donated other books to the Free Little Library in our neighborhood, this is one that we’ll hang to for a while for my toddler to enjoy as well.

Want to pick up your own copy of Hop on Pop for a kid you know? Click the image below:

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