In the Company of Women

I am a fan of smart, funny, authentic women. Women who raise up and inspire other women to do the things they may not think are possible.

As an avid subscriber to one such woman’s newsletter and web series, I’d heard of the book In the Company of Women during Marie Forleo’s interview with the author Grace Bonney, the founder of the immensely popular blog Design* Sponge. Bonney’s interview focused on her own evolution as an entrepreneur and creative, and the book was born out of her desire to speak with other women who’ve followed a similar path for themselves. I’m always interested in hearing from people who decide to make their own way in their lives and careers, and that Bonney intentionally focused her interviews on women from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, I was so wanting to read this book that I ordered it as soon as the podcast interview I was listening to was over.

Not knowing what to expect, I was excited to see and read interviews with many artists I already admire, like Cameron Esposito, Carrie Bronstein, Issa Rae and Janet Mock. And the rest of the interviews introduced me to more interesting and inspiring women I’m now curious to learn more about and support their work.


If you are inspired by hearing from people who’ve followed their creative passions, this book will have you sitting on your couch mesmerized by the stories of the artists, writers, entrepreneurs and musicians who are interviewed. Bonney presents each of these women with a similar set of questions. Though some reviewers have found it repetitive, I was interested to see how each them approached the questions differently or similarly, and the insights they brought to the interview.

If you have any tiny desire within you to create your own path in this life, this book will give you plenty of inspiration to do so.

Interested in adding In the Company of Women to your library? Click the link below:

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

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